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Scott® Pro Manual Hard Roll Towel Dispenser

Scott® Pro Manual Hard Roll Towel Dispenser

BRAND Scott®
Color Black


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Product Overview & Guide

Scott® Pro™ Hard Roll Paper Towel Dispensers (for Blue Core Scott® Pro Roll towels) are designed to take hand hygiene to another level. The Scott® Pro™ Dispenser Systems have innovative internal dispensing that plug and play to customize it to meet your needs. Scott® Pro™ Hard Roll Towel Dispensers are available in various colors as well as in automatic and manual configurations. Automatic dispenser models are 99.99% jam free - guaranteed, so you can count on its reliable, touchless operation. Manual dispenser models offer the hygiene of touchless dispensing without the batteries. Both models offer quiet dispensing, hygienic and touch-free dispensing. Automatic and manual hard roll towel dispenser modules are also available. This system combines touchless technology with the bacteria-reducing benefits of drying with paper towels, supporting and promoting better hand and surface hygiene. This dispenser is backed by a lifetime warranty and is designed to save you time and money while reducing service disruptions and user complaints.


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  • Scott®
  • Pro
  • 12.66" x 16.44" x 9.18"
  • NA
  • White
  • Mexico
  • Electronic
  • 10036000343462
  • 103434602
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  • 12.66" x 16.44" x 9.18"
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